Become a Wine Snob with the 7 S’s

So you love wine…but can you call yourself a connoisseur? There are seven key steps (known as the 7 s’s) when it comes to tasting wine that you need to know for the next time you order a new bottle from Bevvi!


Hold your glass up to a light background to really see your wine. Notice the color. Lighter colors tend to mean a lighter-bodied wine, whereas darker colors typically represent more mature wines. Also notice the clarity. Unfiltered wines will be cloudier!


Set your wine glass down on the table and grasp it from the stem. Carefully move your glass in a small circle, “swirling” your wine. This will aerate the wine (aka exposes it to more oxygen to release the flavors and aromas). At this point, you may see the wine’s legs! This is a sign of good wine.


For this step, place your nose all the way in the glass. Yes, we’re giving you permission! Breathe in for three or four seconds. Notice all the different aromas – fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, flowers, minerals, wood, earth, smoke, etc. These form the wine’s “bouquet.” You can have fun with your friends or family by having them guess the notes of the wine based on the smell.


This is the first time your taste buds get to feel the flavor of the wine – enjoy it! Let the flavors coat your tongue and revel in every little nuance and flavor combination you experience. See if you can pick out certain tasting notes and really take in the feeling.


And when we say swish, what we really mean is almost chew your wine. Really move it around in your mouth for several seconds to get a full idea of the flavors and textures of the wine. Plus, saliva actually softens the acids in wine.

Swallow or Spit

If you’re not a fan of the wine, or if you are trying a large number of different wines, spitting may be the way to go. However, if you have just opened a new bottle at home and are going through this process, swallow the wine if you like it! Then pour yourself a full glass. Plus, swallowing is really the only way you can experience the final step…


The taste the wine leaves in your mouth after swallowing is called the “finish” and it can last up to a minute! The “back end” is what brings lingering aromas and flavors up to the back of the throat. This is also the time for thoughtfulness and reflection. After all those steps, what did you think of the wine? Is it one you’d like to keep and save for future occasions? Or move on to something else?

Now that you have all the tools, put your newfound knowledge to work! Order some new bottles to try this week through the Bevvi app, and have your own tasting party at home!

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